Egg production and Garden Update

So, as of the last time I posted, I had one wee little egg! Currently, I have two hens that are laying and I now have a full dozen beautiful eggs, blue and brown ones. The blue ones are from my little Easter Egger, Cleo (Cleopatra) and the brown ones are from my Australorp, Hawk Eye.

I am still waiting for my Mystique, Dot and Nikki to lay. I am curious as to what color their eggs are going to be. I do know that my Nikki, being a Lakenvelder, will lay white/off-white colored eggs but the other two I am not so sure about. I’m not even sure of their breeds to be able to look them up to see what color their eggs will be.

Oh well! Only time will tell on that!

Now, for the garden update. I have tomatoes! I’m not sure how big or red they will get, as of right now they are about the size of very small pebbles. I also have about a dozen cucamelon! These I am very excited about and hope they get big enough to be able to harvest them. I also have about 5 or so golden midget melon, one is fairly decent in size, about that of a baseball, and the rest are quite small. Again, I’m hoping they get big enough to make a decent harvest.

I have been able to make a small harvest, a couple times, of my radishes, although the Black Spanish Radish hasn’t rooted at all. I have also had a small harvest of my Royal Burgundy Bush Beans.

Yeah! Go Garden!

Published by reba1719

I am an up-and-coming homesteader that, currently, is working 40 hours a week at a call center. I live in the desert southwest, which makes gardening a bit of a challenge. I am excited to see where my journey takes me!

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