It’s a wee little egg!

My boyfriend and I went for a drive yesterday. We were gone all day and when we got home, I went out to lock up the coop and, just for the heck of it, checked to see if we happened to have any eggs yet. My chicken pullets are around 24 weeks, all but one anyway. Yay! We had one little light blue/green colored egg. Not sure which of my pullets have laid it. I’m thinking it was my little easter egger, as she is one of two that are doing the submissive squat that is an indicator they are ready to start laying.

We are also getting luffas, squash, radishes and a couple (hopefully) midget melon! I am hoping that there will be more than that before the first frost comes, which is predicted to be the middle of November. I’m hoping that my cucamelons will also produce something before the first frost.

We have a lot of tomato blossoms but so far no tomatoes. The beets have produced leaves but haven’t rooted yet. Cauliflower hasn’t done anything and the cucumbers grew to about 2 inches and stopped. My pumpkin has been producing a lot of male flowers but I have yet to see any female flowers, so I don’t think we will be getting any pumpkin this year either.

So, that is what we have going on so far! Happy growing and here’s to more wee little eggs!

Published by reba1719

I am an up-and-coming homesteader that, currently, is working 40 hours a week at a call center. I live in the desert southwest, which makes gardening a bit of a challenge. I am excited to see where my journey takes me!

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