My Homestead Journey

If you are like me, you may be wondering if homesteading is for you, especially if you live in an urban area. Most people are confused as to what would be considered a homestead. Well, for me, a homestead is any area that can be used to raise food for you and your family.

For me, I live in a small city about 2 hours away from Las Vegas. It isn’t really a big, urban area but it isn’t a rural farming community either. My house sits on a .19 acre lot, which gives me plenty of room for a garden and chickens/ducks.

I first tried homesteading (raising chickens) about 6 years ago and invested in about 4 chicken. My boyfriend and I got a small puppy just shortly afterward. We ended up rehoming the chicken because they wanted to go after the puppy’s eyes and we didn’t want to have a blind puppy.

We (meaning I) decided to give homesteading another try just a couple years ago. We purchased a few duckling from our local Cal-Ranch store. We were told they should be female. Unfortunately, all three turned out to be male. We purchased a couple more the next year, hoping to get a female with no luck. Every one of them were male. One ended up dying and we traded a couple of them for a couple female.

We were doing pretty well with them until some unknown critter, still don’t know what it was, decapitated and ate the entrails of the only male we kept along with one of the female.

Last year we purchased a male and two more female from someone local that was selling the ones she had and so we returned to having one male and three female. Lucky male!

As is expected when you have a male in the flock, we ended up with two clutches of eggs. One was a total of 4 ducklings and the other was 7 ducklings. Knowing we couldn’t keep any of them, we sold all of the ducklings and rehomed the male, so we wouldn’t have any more ducklings.

Eventually we decided that the ducks were just to noisy and messy, we adopted them out and purchased chickens, which leads us to where I am right now in my homesteading journey.

I currently have 8 pullets that should be laying in the next few weeks as they are of age to do so. My boyfriend, as of the first weekend of August, tilled up a section of the backyard and made some in-ground raised beds. I have my fall garden planted and will be able to harvest, hopefully before the first frost in the middle of November.

So, if you don’t have the room to be able to raise animals or have a large garden in your backyard, you can still do a garden in containers as there are several that do really well along with learning how to preserve the food you do grow.

If you dream of being able to have a large homestead one day, take the time you have now and start learning the skills you will need to be able to manage and run your homestead. It is never to late to begin something new.

Best of luck!

Published by reba1719

I am an up-and-coming homesteader that, currently, is working 40 hours a week at a call center. I live in the desert southwest, which makes gardening a bit of a challenge. I am excited to see where my journey takes me!

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