Organization ideas


Has anyone tried this? I just ordered one of these to see how well it helps to organize my drawer of baggies and plastic wrap. My house is very small, about 900 sq ft, and having enough stuff to furnish a house at least twice this size, makes organizing/storage quite a challenge

If you have any cool ideas or products that you use to help you keep your house organized, please comment and let me know.

UPDATE: I got mine installed and have the baggies loaded into it. I must say that I really like how it looks and how much space it saved in my drawer. I was able to take all the baggies out and just have the drawer for the parchment paper, aluminum foil, and saran wrap that are longer and need the space.

Organizing the kitchen


I bought this set in hopes of organizing my kitchen/pantry. They are supposed to arrive on Wednesday. My pantry is just a hodge-podge of bags and boxes that I want to get into a matching system that will help me see what I have and how much I have.

I am really hoping this system works and that they are big enough to hold a decent amount of baking ingredients and different cereals.

Here’s to a new system of organizing.

I Did It! Hotpockets!

May be an image of food

I made hot pockets last night! I must admit, I was a bit intimidated by the thought of making them but it turned out, they weren’t as hard as I was anticipating.

First thing, the crust is made out of pie crust instead of bread dough, which is so much easier to make and doesn’t take nearly as much time. The longest part of the crust was waiting for the dough to rest.

Secondly, the assembly of them was way easier than expected also. Just added sauce, pepperoni and cheese then fold over and seal. Bake for 30 minutes and they are done.

I think the next time I make these, and there will be a next time as both my son and my boyfriend liked them, I will do a double batch of crust and make them a bit bigger as these ones are really quite small.

They definitely don’t taste like the store-bought ones do but they are so much healthier without all the added chemicals and preservatives.

Homemade pizza pockets

Ok, I am going to be trying something new, something that I have never done before in my life. I am going to be making pizza pockets this weekend. I figured this weekend would be a good time to experiment, for two reasons.

First is because I work all week until 430pm and don’t feel like taking on such a big project after work. The second, which ties into the first reason, is that I have to make the dough; which is a big undertaking in and of itself.

I will try to remember to take photos of the process so that I can share them with all of you and let you all know how they turned out.

Here’s to trying new things!

The journey is a bust

Well, my ventures into sourdough are a bust. The starter didn’t work properly and the pasta dough that I tried making from the discard turned out really sticky and had a hard time going through the past press that attaches to my KitchenAid mixer. I guess it is a good thing as I am the only one in my family that likes sourdough. I think I will just stick to the traditional forms of bread and pasta making.